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"While outside weeding the garden, I heard my alarm go off. I quickly ran over to the house to see smoke coming outside the window. I could already hear the fire trucks coming, as they were not that far away. I felt the back door and it was cold so I opened it ever so carefully. Missy, my cat was still inside and I was really worried about her. When I opened the door and called her, she came right away. The fire trucks arrived and saved my house from burning down. I had left my lunch on the burner and it had caught fire. I am so grateful for the quick response of VOXCOM."
Sue, Halifax

"I was working on a Friday night and this guy walked into the store. He was acting a little strange and hanging around. I asked him if there was anything I could help him with and he said no that he was waiting for a friend to pick him up. There were no other customers there when a car pulled up and shone the high beams into the store. The man came up to me with a knife and demanded all my money. I pushed the panic button that was in my pocket and tried to take my time. He grabbed my sleeve and started yelling at me. I put the cigarettes in a bag with the money in my cash register and gave it to him. He pushed me aside and started running for the door. The Police came around the corner and the guy in the car drove away without his buddy. The Police were able to catch the robber and had a suspect for the driver. I am so thankful that VOXCOM is watching over me."
Chris, Edmonton

"I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a little ill. I thought I had indigestion. I got up to get a glass of water and started to choke. I couldn't breath very well and started to stumble. I forgot that the alarm was on and walked in front of a motion detector. The alarm went off and my phone started ringing. I managed to grab the phone and tell the operator I was okay but that I wasn't feeling very well and was having difficulty breathing. The operator asked me if I wanted the ambulance sent and I said no. I was going to call myself except when I hung up the phone I collapsed on the floor barely breathing. It was the Operator that decided to call the ambulance to make sure I was okay. The operator also called my sister to meet the ambulance and they arrived just in time to save my life. I was unconscious and in the middle of a severe heart attack. If it weren't for the Operator making sure that I was okay, I would not be here today to write about it. Thank you VOXCOM for saving my life."
Tom, Etobicoke

"I have not been a storeowner long when I decided to put in a security system. The area I am in is pretty good but you just never know. I had been a VOXCOM customer for over 2 years with no alarms at all. One night I got a phone call from an Operator stating that the alarm at my business had gone off. When I went down to meet the Police I had found nothing wrong with my store at all and could not figure out why the alarm had gone off. One hour later I received another call from VOXCOM stating that my alarm had gone off again. I told them not to worry about it that it was probably the wind that is rattling the door. The Operator sent the guards down to make sure that my business was okay. When the guards arrived they found 2 young boys inside the store stealing. They apprehended the kids and stayed at the store guarding until I was able to come down again. I have not had a problem with my system again and now I know that if my alarm goes off there is a definite reason. If it weren't for the judgment call of the operator I would be at a great loss with my store. I am so thankful for the service and the help that I have received from everyone at VOXCOM."
Parminder, Mississauga

"I am a 38-year-old mother of 2. My son is 3 and my daughter is 7. We just recently moved into our house and were really hesitant to keep the alarm system that was in it. I called VOXCOM and arranged someone to come out and show us how to use the system. The Service man that came out was really nice and very informative and showed all of us how to use the system and what to push if there was ever an emergency. It wasn't until one Sunday afternoon that we all realized how important our security system is. I was making us lunch when I slipped on something on the floor and came crashing down. I hit my head on the stove and knocked myself out. My son hit the emergency button on the system and my daughter talked to an operator telling her that her mom was on the floor and she is sleeping. The Operator dispatched the police and the ambulance. Keeping my daughter on the phone she convinced her to open the door for the police only if they would show her a police badge. Other than a slight concussion, and a bruised pride I was okay, but mostly I am extremely satisfied with the thoroughness of the staff at VOXCOM."
Shandra, Victoria