A little preparation goes a long, long way.

When we think of home, we usually think of comfort and not of things that might harm us. But the home can be a dangerous place. Here we've gathered valuable resources on home safety and security. Arm yourself with the solutions that will help you avoid theft, assault and accident.

Safety tips, advice, and resources found in this section have been recommended by a number of reputable organizations devoted to home safety. You will find links to these and other safety-related organizations throughout this site.

 Home Safety
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  1. Put burglars on the spot. Make sure your porch or entrance is well lit.
  2. Make climbing tough. Prune low limbs from trees near your house.
  3. Don't make it easy. Lock up ladders and tools.
  4. Make your house seen. Trim bushes so windows are visible to neighbors.
  5. "What was that address again?" Make sure your street number is visible for police and firemen to see.


  1. Don't give crooks leverage. Your doors should fit tightly with 1/8" clearance maximum.
  2. Create a good barrier. Entry doors should be solid wood or metal at least 1-3/4" thick.
  3. Get some back-up. Doors with glass panels should have a break-resistant plastic panel or a metal grill. Use metal grills on vulnerable windows.
  4. Safety from the inside out. Don't install door hinges outside where they can be easily unscrewed.
  5. Block those deck doors. Sliding doors need wooden strip in the track to keep door from opening.
  6. Lock it all down. Several kinds of locks give good protection:
    1. A dead-bolt door lock for front and back doors, with a strike plate attached by 3" screws.
    2. A rim mounted lock with bolt is good overall protection.
    3. Police locks for rear and basement doors.
    4. Use heavy padlocks for general lock-down needs.
    5. Use special locks for double hung windows.
    6. Hasps should always be bolted, not screwed.


  1. Create the illusion someone's at home:
    1. Have your neighbor pick up packages and shovel walks. Have a friend pick up mail and newspapers daily.
    2. Use timers to turn on lights automatically.
    3. Hide garbage cans in garage or basement.
  2. Have someone check on your home when you're away.
  3. Let the authorities know. Tell police you will be away and when you'll be back.

Year Round Safety

Thousands of Canadians use a monitored Home Security System for safety all year long. It's the best protection against theft and assault. For less than a cup of coffee a day:
  1. Your home and family are being looked after 24 hours a day, whether you're at home, away on holiday, or asleep.
  2. You can save on home insurance. Some insurers offer their policy holders significant discounts if their homes are installed with a monitored security system.
  3. Your home can be monitored for smoke, carbon monoxide, extreme temperature, and floods.
  4. Have peace of mind when you're away.
  5. You'll deter criminals from entering your home and have peace of mind when you're away.

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